Mental Dice - Case for 4 dice and 2 receivers

Mental Dice - Case for 4 dice and 2 receivers

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Mental Die and Mental Dice Tin

If you've now got the Mental Dice product and Mental Die, this is the tin for you!

Custom designed to fit both receivers and all 4 dice.


This has space for:

- Mental Dice visual receiver AND thumper (either in the clip or out)

- 4 dice (3 from mental dice and 1 from mental die), holds up to 16mm dice


You could of course use this for one dice and carry duplicates.

This case is slightly bigger than the other Mental Dice tin but is just as nice (maybe even nicer...). 

Note: you receive the metal case with custom insert and padding, all dice products are sold separately. Products pictured are the Anverdi Mental Dice, and Anverdi Mental Die (black).